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Home-Schooled Student Information

Thank you for your interest in Assumption College!  Assumption welcomes and encourages applications from home-schooled students.  Home-schooled students have been a part of the Assumption community for many years, and we encourage students to apply for admission.  We understand that home schoolers have a unique situation, but we are confident that by submitting the materials listed below, we will get an accurate picture of your talents and interests.

Preparing your Application

  • Common Application and Writing Supplement (optional) 
  • A personal statement or essay (part of the Common Application)
  • Official Educational Records (if associated with a home school program).  Students may submit a detailed list of secondary level courses with supporting documentation attached.  If students have done any course work from a traditional high school or college, we ask that you please submit it in your application for admission.
  • Assumption College requires SAT or ACT scores for all home-schooled students. Assumption's code for the SAT is 3009 and our ACT code is 1782.
  • Letter of recommendation (Students should choose this candidate wisely, as these letters are looked at closely and the reference should not be a relative.)
  • $50 application fee payable through the Common Application website

Suggested Minimum High School Preparation

  • English: four years  
  • Math: three years  
  • Natural Sciences: three years, including at least two years of laboratory science  
  • Foreign Language: two years 
  • Social Sciences: three years, including US History


  • Early Decision deadline of November 1. Students who complete their applications by November 1 will receive a binding admissions decision shortly after December 1.
  • Early Action deadline of November 1.  Students who complete their applications by November 1 will receive a non-binding decision shortly after December 15.
  • Early Action II deadline of December 15. Students who complete their applications by December 15 will receive a non-binding decision shortly after January 25.
  • Regular decision deadline of February 15.  All decisions are sent no later than March 15.

Financial Aid Information
To be eligible for financial aid, each home-school student needs to provide Assumption with documentation of a completed high school curriculum.  This would include certification that the student has met the local school district's graduation requirements, GED equivalent or final high school transcript.  Home-schooled students will be evaluated for merit-based scholarships up to $22,000 annually based on SAT/ACT scores and high school GPA.