Rome Campus Courses

A variety of liberal arts and pre-professional courses are offered each semester. Course offerings may include History, Art History, Theology, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Italian, Accounting, Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies, among others. Most courses count towards general education requirements, so students can maintain progress toward their degree while getting the most advantage from study in Rome.  Students of affiliated institutions travel to Rome knowing that they will receive full credit for all courses taken at the Rome campus.  For students from other American colleges and universities, Assumption staff will make every effort to ensure that they too receive full credit for courses taken in Rome. (Please scroll down on this page for detailed course descriptions.)

2017-2018 Academic Year Course Offerings

Fall '17 Spring '18
ARH 224 Baroque Art and Architecture (D. Borghese) ARH 223 Renaissance Art & Architecture (D. Borghese)
THE 100 Introduction to Theology (TBA) THE 204 Catholicism Today (TBA)
ENG 240 Gothic Literature (B. DiBiasio) PHI 154 God and the Philosophers (P. Corrigan)
IDS/ ENG 201 The Grand Tour (B. DiBiasio) INB 199 The Business of Italian Tourism (C. LeBlanc)
PHI 100 Socrates and the Search for Truth (P. Corrigan) IDS/ ENG 201 The Grand Tour (B. DiBiasio)
ITA 101+ Italian at placement level (Italiaidea) ITA 101+ Italian at placement level (Italiaidea)